Clever housekeeping: DIY marker organizer

Last week, I decided to orgnize our family art cabinet and one of the first things I took on was the heap of half worn out markers. I remembered seeing a DIY marker organizer project on pinterest. I traced the original source back to a post on a blog called Aunt Peaches, read up on it, and decided to make my own.

DIY marker organizer

I knew I had been saving all those gift wrap tubes for a reason! I dug them out and went to work cutting them to fit a wooden box we had been (unsuccessfully) using to sort papers.

Since my kids will be using this marker organizer, I decided to glue the cardboard together with a hot glue gun. We’ll see how long the markers stay sorted by color.

I’m not sure this qualifies as a craft project, or just clever housekeeping, but it was a thrill to try a new project and even better see the markers prettily organized.

marker organizer

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