Etsy Love: Giardino

This is a blog about making things – things I make and things other people make, books about making things, blogs about making things, and of course, handmade things themselves.

So its inevitable that I will post some of my favorite etsy stores – artists and artisans that inspire and delight. We’ll call this category etsy love, even if a few might not be etsy merchants or artists.

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.45.12 PM

I’ll start with Giardino, purveyor of hand printed, hand sewn table linens and pillows, among other things. I have loved this etsy shop for some time. I have even been inspired to dabble in hand stamping on fabric myself. (More on that another time.) Somehow, I feel she gets the scale, color and patterns just right. Sigh. Etsy love indeed.

Giardino etsy store

*** all photos in this post by Giordino.. of course!

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