DIY project: Ombré iphone case

I’ve been carrying around this needlepoint project all summer – to children’s birthday parties, tennis lessons, even to the beach. Since nothing says “I’m the cool mom” like a little needlepoint, I often try to deflect questions when I’m out and about with my needlepoint. When someone says, “what is that?” my answer is usually something along the lines of “oh, just a little project I’m working on” and try to keep on chatting about youth soccer, the merits of organic produce, or when exactly is the right time to get a child his first mobile phone. Because those topics are so much more scintillating than needlepoint.

Now that I’ve finished it, I can say all the humiliation was totally worth it, since I finally have my very own ombré needlepoint iphone case.  I really love it. It’s super soft and pretty. Plus, I added an interior pocket for my headphones and a loop for clipping my keyring. It has its flaws (I hate the snap closure, colors on the flap don’t line up right, etc.) but overall, it still thrills me. Now, I’m wondering: is the dowdiness of needlepoint couterbalanced by the trendiness of ombré?

UPDATE 2015: Since this post, I’ve made a lot of iphone casesand I’ve become a better blogger. If you’re here because you’re interested in learning how to make a needlepoint iphone case, I’ve posted a tutorial here: Needlepoint Phone Case tutorial

13 thoughts on “DIY project: Ombré iphone case

    1. Thanks, Catherine. If needlepoint were in to become trendy, I doubt it would be the result of my slow blogging 😉 but thanks for you vote of confidence and encouragement!


    1. Thanks, Wendy. I am only sort of kidding about being embarassed… more like, aware that some people find needlepoint to be super-boring. But maybe they just aren’t in touch with trends 😉


  1. It is super cool Elizabeth. You shouldn’t be embarrassed about doing your needle point being crafty is cool 🙂 However once in a while we come around some people that give you a strange look and ask you -” why don’t you buy it instead? it is too much work” (I had that happen to me more than once.


    1. Thanks, Martha. I think maybe I was exaggerating my embarrasment a bit, but yes indeed, I am reluctant to explain my projects to people – maybe its those doubters you so accurately describe 😉


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