One way to dry Hydrangeas

cut hydrangeas

Despite my self-proclaimed garden ennui, I have been spending a little time in the past few weeks tidying up around my yard, trying to tame some of the wild late summer growth. As part of those efforts, I cut back some of my Hydrangea “Annabelle’. (This variety can take heavy pruning, or not – for more info look here.)

Rather than throw these cut stems out, or put them in water, I decided to try drying them.

I took an old copper planter, taped a grid  with floral tape to support the blooms. After stripping off the leaves, I dropped the stems in and stepped back, satistified, but uncertain of how they would look once dried.

Turns out, they look great, almost identical (see photo below). I’m not sure if this qualifies as a craft project, or a gardening project, but either way it was entirely satisfying.

Fresh cut hydrangeas, drying in the fireplace on the left. Three weeks later, fully dried, on the right.

2 thoughts on “One way to dry Hydrangeas

  1. I dried some hydrangea in August. They are a pretty shade of purple and look so nice in a big glass purple vase. I dried them by hanging them upside down with a string that I attached to a pipe in the laundry room. It only took a month.


    1. Kate, I can’t beleive they have’t cropped up in your instagram feed or facebook or blog? Or, maybe I missed them during an August break. They sound perfectly lovely. I can’t stop myself from posting plant-y images so assume everyone else is like that too 😉


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