On photographs and flowers


In addition to vegetables, my garden also produces flowers. Maybe it doesn’t produce the variety I might like (no dahlias, no roses, no aqueligia) but it still thrills me to cut and bring in home-grown flowers. I sometimes fuss and re-arrange the stems and take photos, but before long, I am tossing wilted brown stems into the compost bin.

Earlier this week, I gathered a final bouquet of the summer, wandering, snipping, reflecting, enjoying the garden as it heads toward dormancy. I was so delighted with the resulting bouquet, I posted it in on (you guessed it) instagram and facebook.


There is much handwringing these days about how we (collectively) over-document our lives, posting photos of our breakfasts, tweeting the splits of our latest run, sharing minutiae. It might be true that in the act of documenting our lives we miss out on living them. Yet, what about the pleasure we get from celebrating (and re-visiting the photos of) the simple and ephemeral moments in our lives?


For me, there is undeniable pleasure in documenting my garden. It is an act of joy and an act of creativity. Sometimes its hard not to share. Forgive me, dear readers, if I sometimes over-share. I may have posted excessively about my hydgrangeas this summer, but I have spared you the snapdragons, foxglove, and clematis, among others. For this year.


10 thoughts on “On photographs and flowers

  1. They are really beautiful photographs. I agree with you about oversharing when it comes to trivial minutiae, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating things you like and I’m glad you shared these!


    1. Thanks, Anny. Those plants are looking a bit rangy and uninspiring these days. They might have to wait until next year, but who knows, maybe they will surprise me.


  2. These are beautiful photographs and I can’t see any problem with documenting the things that bring us pleasure in life. It is such a joy to look back and remember. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a thought ful comment. I’m glad you have discovered my blog as I have now found yours!


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