Fancy Needlepoint Clutch

I’m not really much of a ‘fancy’ mom as my four-year-old would say. I spend many of my waking hours  in yoga pants and Dansko clogs, yet when I first saw this tutorial on making a needlepoint clutch, I knew I had to make one.


I even bought new yarn, fancy yarn, made of silk and wool, rather than use the usual decades old wool I’ve inherited from my mother and a cousin. The beautiful feeling of the Silk and Ivory yarn inspired me to work slowly and carefully, to work to make something truly beautiful and finely made.

The stitching was quick, especially since I started with a long flat stitch (from this book) to form a lattice pattern. Then, the assembly took some time.

I contrived to install a magnetic snap closure and added a pocket for my phone in the lining. (The second time in recent months that I’ve made something special for my phone – what does this say about my relationship with that little device?)


I will probably only use it rarely, but since my usual bag is more of a bucket riddled with loose change, cracker crumbs, and a few wadded up receipts, it will be quite a thrill. No doubt, it will make me feel elegant, chic and, downright fancy.


15 thoughts on “Fancy Needlepoint Clutch

  1. This is so fancy indeed. I love the pops of color against the gray.
    It made me smile what you said about your purse being a bucket. You are not the only one, you should see mine I carry way too many things I don’t need.


  2. This is lovely. I’ve been dying to figure out how to make my own needlepoint purses, so I appreciate the detail. So pretty.


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