The real winner and the random winner

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the giveaway I posted last week.  I was hesitant, since it felt a little like fishing for compliments, but it was a thrill nonetheless to recevie every comment.

Picking a winner today was a chance for me to read up on random numbers, though I had to click away when I got to the section on “true” random numbers versus pseudo-random numbers. It stirred up memories of statistical models and SAS programming, and my days in academic research are over.

Instead, I headed to to use their “true” random number generator to generate the number 5, which corresponded to the fifth entrant, Kate of book nook. Congratulations, Kate!

It was such a pleasure to hear from so many of you and to “feel the love.” Thank you all for your kind and flattering comments. In truth, it feels like I am the real winner. I will definitely have to come up with another giveaway. And soon.

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