Small moment: Sorting embroidery floss

sorting floss

I’m tidying up this morning, sorting embroidery floss before I finish up my second embroidery project. Handling the threads, enjoying the textures and colors can be intensely satisfying-  a small moment but a pleasureable one.

Since I’m new to embroidery, I’m trying out a system of wrapping the threads on little cards and keeping the cards on a ring. If any of you more experienced stitchers have any tips on how to store floss, I’m all ears!

I’m also participating in “A Picture… a Moment” a link up over at Weekend Doings. Martha takes beautiful photos on her blog and on instagram. I’m thrilled to be part of this party. If you’re a blogger, you should link up too!

Weekend Doings

7 thoughts on “Small moment: Sorting embroidery floss

  1. Oh dear, if you saw my collection of threads, you’d think the Gordian knot would be easier to untangle – do tell if you get any great solutions…


    1. Numerical order sounds like a good idea! Do you write the number directly on the card? I have currently tucked the tag into the wrapped threads and think thats probably tenuous solution and possibly a bad idea.


  2. Oh I love organizing and plying with embroidery threads. So much fun. The colors you are working with are so pretty. I wonder what you will be making with them?
    I keep my embroidery thread on the little cards and I keep the cards in a plastic container with compartments for to keep the cards in place. Have fun stitching!
    Thank you for linking up.


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