Hello, new blog graphics!

design your own graphics

I have a new header on my blog! I am obscenely thrilled by this. The pleasure I feel with this infinitesimal change is completely out of proportion with the change itself. Why? Because I made this new header myself.

I know what you’re thinking: It looks almost the same as the old one. Or, maybe you’re thinking: I can’t remember what the old one looked like. Or maybe you’re just wondering what a header is.

Rather than repost the old half-baked header, let’s just say my new header is cleaner and more professional than the old one I cobbled together using powerpoint. My new header is the real deal. And, did I mention I made it myself?

I made it using Canva. Canva?! What is Canva? Canva is a graphic design hack’s dream. It allows those of us with poor graphic design software skills to make graphics that look, well, pretty darn professional. (I learned about it from Abby Glassenberg at While She Naps and I’m hoping to try out some of her many other great tips of graphic design sometime soon.)

On the Canva website, you can assemble graphics using their templates and design elements. You can upload your own photos. You can drag elements around and tweak sizes and colors to your heart’s content. DIY for the digital world.

My first project was to make myself a business card. Why a business card? I have no idea. Who actually uses business cards these days? But here’s what I made:

I only wish I had been able to make the project photos into circles instead of squares. Circle photos are trendy, plus they would have looked better with my circle logo on the front. (Psst! Hey, Canva peeps, did you hear that?!)

I even printed some of my cards up at moo.com I just couldn’t resist seeing how the photo part would print. The answer: beautifully. Now I have 47 business cards I need to dispose of. If any of you readers want one, just say the word.

canva created card

My next project was to make my new header. For this, I created a custom size graphic (885pixels by 252pixels, as recommended by WordPress for this theme). I tried many photos, backgrounds, text boxes, but in the end, I uploaded my own photo of linen, added simple text and viola! New header:


The resulting header is worlds better than the old one. I know if I took the time to develop real skills and use real software, I could make even more customized and special graphics. I could definitely make circular photos. But for now I’m pretty happy to have Canva – it offers the thrill of creating something in the digital world without the frustration of learning new software.

Disclaimer: No, I did not receive any thing for this post (or for anything) from Canva or from Moo.com. I’m just enthusiastic.

8 thoughts on “Hello, new blog graphics!

  1. I can completely empathise with your enthusiasm – and it looks great! Now I’m going to forget cooking dinner and go over to Canva for a play – thank you.


    1. That’s sort of what I was thinking, but you know, handing out cards is just not a habit. I was out last night and someone asked me about my blog. Did I think to produce one of my new cards? Of course not!


  2. Love your business cards. They look very professional. I’ll have to check out Canva as I could do with redesigning my header.


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