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Earlier this week, I was thrilled to receive a gentle, non-binding invitation to participate in a “round the world blog hop” from Catherine at Knotted Cotton. I greatly enjoyed reading what she had to say in response to the blog hop questions, so I decided to join in. Its taken me a while to get to it, but here I am now, ready to yammer on about myself.

 Where I live or have lived.

I live in Boston, which is known for its many universities (e.g., Harvard), aggressive drivers and unconventional street lay-outs. I love it here, though I still consider myself to be an outsider, despite 18 years of living here.


I am from further south, the rural and beautiful eastern shore of Maryland. I still miss it sometimes: flat open farmland, hot, hot summers, and the whirr of summer cicadas.


What am I working on

After a spring needlework hiatus, I am embroidering some linen with a botanically inspired design. I am so excited to be close to finishing I almost hesitate to share it, since I will post the whole project once I am done. Here is a preview:

embroidery work in process

How my work differs from others in its genre

I’m not even sure what “my work” is since I am more of a dabbler and a hack. Needlepoint, silkscreen printing, sewing, embroidery, fabric stamping…. I love making things and I’m still just finding my way.

Why I write/create

I cannot imagine NOT making things.

How my creative process works

I keep a notebook of ideas and sketches. When I want to start a new project, I usually think about it for a few days while I’m doing other things. (Dishes, driving, brushing my teeth.) When I find a clear hour or two, I jump right in. No time for step by step plans – I’ve got four kids!

I used to try to keep notes on project steps, but I would get busy working, excited to see something come together, and I would stop writing at about step two. Having this blog helps me remember to slow down and document my process a bit more. I like having that incentive.


So there it is… a bit about me. Now, in the blog hop ‘rules’ its time for me to pass the torch to a few others. I’m going to follow Catherine’s example and recommend a few blogs I enjoy:  fan my flamebook nookart as it happensWeekend Doings.  I’ll also follow Anny’s example and invite any and all of you, dear readers, to pick up the blog hop torch and tell us all about yourselves and your creative process, whether it be writing, photos, or something crafty. Do share, my bloggy friends!

12 thoughts on “Round the world blog hop

  1. I did enjoy reading your responses to the questions and thank you for the nomination! I did actually do this a couple of months ago –
    so hope that will do to send people back there! But a couple of facts after reading your post… I lived in Boston for almost three years back in the 1980s… and I also have four (grown up) kids! My second son was born in Boston while we were there.


    1. Oh gosh! Sorry, Gina! I thought you had done it but then when I looked, I didn’t find the post. Clearly I didn’t look far enough 😉 I guess you were meant for this blog hop. I look forward to reading!


  2. I’m so pleased you went for this hop too – I’m really enjoying it so much and meeting wonderful bloggers through the recommendations. Never having been to Boston, I’m wondering about your description of unconventional street-layouts – something for me to investigate! Look forward to seeing the finished embroidery – looks gorgeous from the picture here. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Anny! I was tempted a few months ago by your post but then life got in the way. Boston is just an old city by North American standards. Might not seem so odd to you. We have round-abouts (called rotaries here) and those often throw people from other parts of the US


      1. Ah yes, we’re used to them of course, but even we have some particularly vicious ones – there’s one near us at Hemel Hempstead called the ‘Magic Roundabout’ – made up of a whole series of mini-roundabouts and you can go either way round – not for the faint-hearted! (Google it and you’ll see YouTube and pictures).


  3. I really enjoyed reading your responses and learning more about you. Embroidery you are working on is beautiful. I’ve noticed that your work is inspired by botanicals and nature, which I absolutely love.
    I never been to Boston or Maryland. I hope to visit there sometime. I hope it is soon 🙂


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