Printing Project: Soap Bubbles


I was thinking about bubbles a lot this past summer. In addition to blowing colored bubbles with my kids, I also made a bubble inspired silkscreen.

EZ print bubblesFor the first time, I used an EZ print screen. It certainly was quicker, lighter, and easier to manouever than the wood framed screens I’ve tried in the past, though I think I managed to scrub mine too hard in between printings and destroyed the screen. Somehow it seems fitting that a screen of something so ephemeral as soap bubbles should be short lived itself.

printed bubble towel

Once again, I printed on small hand/ kitchen towels, though I used cotton, rather than linen this time. I felt like soap bubbles print needed to be printed on something more utilitarian, something that could be used in a kitchen.

soap bubble tea towel

I wrapped a few up for my little sister for her birthday. The rest are wrapped up to be presented as a hostess gift this weekend, and so as I really, finally say good bye to summer, I say good bye to the last remnants of this bubbly summer project.

wrapped soap bubble towels

7 thoughts on “Printing Project: Soap Bubbles

    1. Thanks, Gina. I agree – little utilitarian towels make a nice gift, though I’m going to have to switch to something else soon or all my local friends will be getting tired of them.


  1. adorable! I also like the way you tied it up with that little card. have you ever considered selling on etsy? I may have asked you this before, but I can’t recall


    1. Thanks, Kate! I think I’ll have to turn to etsy once my local friends and family stage an intervention because they fear of another darn tea towel present 😉


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