Springtime garden dreaming

native withch havelJPG

Hello. It’s been a while.

Like everyone else I know, I’ve been busy. I’ve been attending year end performances, cleaning out the garage, transporting children, filling out permission slips, trying to get a squeaky faucet fixed, and so on. And, of course, I’ve also been busy in my garden.

I started seeds, watched them grow, carried them in and out of the house to harden them off, and now, just this week, planted them outside.

I pruned a dozen inkberry bushes and then luxuriated in the resulting clippings and their glossy foliage and even made a wreath from the cuttings. Sadly, the wreath was a failure, as it turned brown about 24 hours after I hung it in my house, and before I took a photos of the final product, but the project was fun.

I’ve been Instagraming the flowers that have emerged in my garden and trying not to get too excited in anticipation of the ones I hope will bloom soon. (You never know when tragedy may stike in the form of a garden pest.)

I’ve been puttering, planting, and scheming about how to keep the rabbits from eating everything that’s not contained in the fenced enclosure around my vegetable patch. I’ve been thinking about moving some ferns and what to plant in their place.

may apple flower

I’ve been admiring my mayapple which came back five times bigger this year than last. In short, I’ve been happily caught up planning and dreaming in my garden, caught up in the spirit of spring. Happily, I am now caught up here on my blog as well. Happy spring my friends! I hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am.

hot pink peony

6 thoughts on “Springtime garden dreaming

  1. These are beautiful photographs – I especially love the elegant witchhazel (?) and lily of the valley. I’m going off to look up inkberry and mayapple!


    1. Thanks, Catherine! Inkberry (ilex glabra), may apple (Podophyllum peltatum) and the witch hazel I have are all North American native woodland plants so probably not too common where you are. Its kind of a gardening trend to try to use native plants… even though, we all secretly (or not so secretly) love a traditional cottage garden.


  2. Busy seems very much the order of the day lately. Every time I think I’m catching up, something comes along and throws me off track again – c’est la vie! If I’m lucky, I may have a couple of weeks without too much pencilled-in, when I’m hoping to get into my garden, but I’m probably tempting fate even to think that way. Happy gardening and creating!


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