Giving Back – 2020 year end

At Bottle Branch, all my artwork is inspired by and created using real plants, and so I’ve made a commitment to give 15% of profits back to protect plants and the environments where they grow, and this past year was no exception. 

At year end, I donated 15% of 2020 profits to support:

Native Plant Trust, which works to conserve and promote native plants as well as ensure healthy, biologically diverse landscapes.

Grow Native Mass, which helps spread awareness of the importance of growing native plants and promotes new attitudes towards landscaping.

Conservation efforts at the historic Houghton Garden, through Newton Conservators 

This charitable commitment helps give meaning to my work, along with your support and enthusiasm. Thank you!

P.S. If you want to learn more about native plants and ecosystems Native Plant Trust offers so many resources including classes, speaker events, and a Garden Plant Finder. Likewise, Grow Native Mass offers a free lecture series, and lots of online resources too.

I'd be delighted to hear what you think!

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