Hello there! I’m Elizabeth.

Welcome to Bottle Branch, where I share my love for flowers, plants, nature, gardening, making things, and papergoods.

To shop Bottle Branch paper goods, visit my online shop, find a retailer near you, or find me at an upcoming event. I’d love to meet you!

All photos and illustrations on this website are my original work, unless otherwise noted. Please do not use without permission and attribution. (You can contact me at elizabeth@bottlebranch.com – I try to be very responsive to emails!)

About me and how I started Bottle Branch

I started my adult life working as a botanist, working on various research projects in the Bolivian Amazon, the American South, Puerto Rico, New England, northern Mannitoba, Canada, and Brazil. I always pursued creative adventures on the side: botanical illustration, print making, gardening, needlework, among many, many others.

In 2009, I quit my research job and started a blog called Manners for Modern Mothers with a long time friend. We wrote about modern parenting and manners with a dash of humor and smidgen of style. See some of my favorite posts here.

When we called it quits at Manners for Modern Mothers in 2012, I began to pursue my creative passions in earnest: making silkscreen prints, white line woodcuts, and lots of needlework. Then, I fell in love with botanical photography and Bottle Branch, the business was born.

Why is your business called Bottle Branch? What is a bottle branch? 

In some places, a “crick” can be another name for a creek. In other places, “branch” can be another name for a small stream. The stream which ran behind my childhood home was called Bottle Branch. I spent hours playing in there, swinging on rope swings, hunting for crayfish, and chasing a single elusive bullfrog. Of those three things, the swings are the only thing I know for certain existed.

The hours spent at Bottle Branch were filled with wonder, possibility and deep connection to the natural world – just the sort of connection and inspiration I hope to bring to you with this Bottle Branch.

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  1. Well I made it here, coffee in hand, and have spent a happy while reading through your posts and popping around to your other spaces etc. So pleased to meet another unashamed slow blogger, especially one with similar interests!

    Needlepoint not being the biggest gig in town, I also have a non-stitchy blog at http://www.mostlymotley.wordpress.com where you’d see that I dabble with other nefarious topics, but mostly take close up pictures in the garden (so you can’t see so many of the weeds).

    Best wishes



    1. So glad you came for a visit, Anny. I’ll look forward to persuring your other blog too. I love a good garden photo, even when weeds are included.


  2. I like and engage in slow blogging as well. I am excited to follow you. I came here from Kate’s blog, The Book Nook. I am trying to get back into needlepoint- I’m sure you will be great inspiration! I also wanted to say that I miss Manners for Modern Mothers. It was right on!


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