Giving Back

new england wild flowers

At Bottle Branch, all my artwork comes back to real, fresh, identifiable plants. Every card, sticky note, fabric pattern features images of home-grown garden plants, wild plants, and/or plants from local flower farms.

But resposible sourcing of plants isn’t enough, so, in addition to our commitment to sustainability, we’ve committed to giving a portion of profits back to protect plants and the environments where they grow: 15% of all profits (cards, prints, tea towels; retail/wholesale) go to charity.

To date, charities supported include:

Grow Native Mass

Houghton Garden Fund

The Garden Conservancy

Native Plant Trust

Natural Resources Defense Council 

Speak for the Trees

garden poppies by elizabeth pyle

3 thoughts on “Giving Back

  1. Bravo, Elizabeth! Thanks for supporting our native plants.
    I would like to encourage you to also check out; we’re a small organization doing much to promote the planting of native plants. Our tag line captures our mission—
    Every garden matters, every landscape counts


  2. Elizabeth……your beautiful products are beyond special. I write notes to people and they are thrilled by the flowers and the quality of your paper. It is a joy for me to buy, share and enjoy your amazing offerings…and I love the feel of writing on the cards and sending them!! Thank you for supporting native plants!


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