Bold geometric iphone case


plastic canvas iphone case

If you know me in real life, you’ve probably seen me carrying around my phone case clipped to my keys with a carabiner. Its a strategy to keep from losing either phone or keys. Yet, this strategy failed one day in December when my needlepoint iPhone case fell off the clip (thankfully without my phone inside).

When I discovered my loss, I re-traced my steps, searching, but came home empty-handed, and quite sad to lose something so personal and that I had made myself. So, I decided to make a replacement right away, hoping that a quick replacement would help me move on.

In the interest of speed, and inspired by Diane at Crafty pod, I used plastic canvas, cotton yarn and a geometric pattern from one of my favorite vintage needlepoint books.

plastic canvas iphone case open and closed

I’m mostly happy with the way it turned out and I do like how the striped sides have a kind of 70’s or 80’s vibe.

I love working with plastic canvas because its so geometric and speedy. Plus, no hand sewing with thread – I used a glue gun to secure the flanel lining.  One of the benefits of using inexpensive materials is feeling no compunction whatsoever for using a glue gun.

Yet, with the finished product hanging from my key clip, I didn’t love it. It was either too plastic, or too brightly colored, too boldly geometric, or just not an adequate replacement for my lost needlepoint case.

So, I was ecstatic when I received a voicemail from a stranger, a local real estate agent, who had found my lost case and tracked down my home phone from a scrap of personalized stationery inside. Never mind that he referred to it as “macrame” (Macrame?! that’s for old ladies!) I am so grateful he took the time to find me and return it, because as it turns out, a soft ombré suits my personal style better than the bold geometric, however much I admire it.

keys and phone case

Making the case for eyeglasses

finished glasses case

I have a pair of reading glasses that I never use. They’ve sat in a drawer of my nightstand, unloved, since I visited a vision therapist in an attempt to recover previously 20/20 vision. Though I don’t currently need reading glasses, I know, someday, I probably will: I see my future as an aging crafty lady in need of spectacles to thread her needles.

Thankfully, this is not what I saw when I last came across my reading glasses. Instead, I saw a project. I saw a needlepoint case for those negelcted beauties. A plastic canvas needlepoint case.

just glasses

I had been admiring the plastic canvas projects by Jenny Herny, Cathy of Trinkets in Bloom, and Diane Gilleland of Crafy Pod, and itching to try my hand at one, so I was ready to begin.

I cut a piece of #7 plastic canvas (7″ by 6.5″), and, using cotton Sugar and Cream yarn, stitched a simple geometric pattern, which is pretty much all you can stich into the large scale gid of this type of plastic canvas. I decided to line this case with some wool felt, cutting a slightly smaller piece and stitching it to the back side of the finished needlepoint with regular cotton thread.

The final step was to bind the edges and bottom together. Case closed.

stitching edge

I slipped my glasses in – its a tight fit for my tiny glasses, probably because I added a lining at the last minute. I’ll make any future glasses cases a little larger but all in all, an entirely satisfying and speedy little project.  I placed the case, glasses inside, back in the drawer so my eyeglasses can wait, more stylishly, until I am actually forced to use them for my aging eyes.

final needle point glasses case