A carpet of flowers

scilla siberica

For 50 weeks a year, this yard is an untended woodland, a quiet and naturalized area in a sea of suburban lawns. People pass without noticing, without comment. But for 2 weeks, every spring, it is covered with these blooming spring flowers, Scilla siberica. The carpet of Scilla is such a striking and beautiful sight, neighbors often talk about that house, that house with the naturalized yard and that beautiful carpet of flowers.

Everyday this week, I have walked by this house and its yard covered with blooming Scilla and I think: now its is really and truly spring!  The spring show of nature has begun: soon, this carpet of flowers will be gone and dafodills will be up, and then tulips, and we will be moving on, onwards to summer. I look forward to these changes of spring: the succession of bulbs, may flowers and trout lilies in the woods, and peonies in May and June, but sometimes I wonder if anything can top this beautiful blue carpet of Scilla, this first spectacular show of spring.