In the garden and in the shop

garden tulips bottle branch blog

Despite my best intentions, I seem to be blogging once a month these days. What can I say? I’m just like everyone else: spending more time on social media, less time on blogs. Still, it’s been an exciting month since my last post, so here what’s been going on in my garden, and in my shop.

happy tea card set from bottle branch blog

Bottle Branch Shop: 

I’m trying out a new shop site via pattern by etsy. You can see it here, or if you look at the top of this page, you’ll see a direct link under SHOP. Adding that little link/tab felt like an exciting accomplishment in and of itself, and I have to thank my dear friend Kristen for telling me how.

making gift tags bottle branch blog

I’ve also added some new items to my store: notably pretty tea time cards (see previous post) and foral gift tags. The gift tags have been so much fun to create. You know I love a good project and this one was just right for me – photography, a little bit of computer/printer/photoshop wrangling, combined with cutting and stringing the tags up. Not surprisingly, I’ve got more designs in the pipeline.

larkspur seedlings bottle branch blog

In my garden: 

The most exciting garden decision I made this year was to plant my entire vegetable patch as a flower cutting garden. I started seeds indoors (strawflower, cosmos, gomphrena, zinnias) and outdoors (echinops, stock, larkspur, nigella).  Fingers crossed I get lots of flowers to share this summer and fall!

tulips in the garden bottle branch

While I wait for those, I’m happily enjoying the bulbs I planted last October, inluding T. ‘Christmas Sweet’ and T. “Pink Diamond” (above) and T. Montreux, T. rejoyce, Narcissus “sweet love” in the photo at the start of this post.  I’m already planning what to plant for next year.

Honestly, I’m so excited about all my plans for shop and garden, it was hard for me to take the time to finish this post. I hope your world is similarly abuzz with plans, activities and dreams. Onward and upwards! Happy spring!

Tulip Time

pink tulips!

I confess to being enamored of my tulips these days. I’ve been so smitten by these flowers, that I posted this photo on instagram and facebook.

I cringe a bit, worried that I might seem to be bragging. Since no particular skill of mine made this lovely tableau come about, I should probably feel safe in celebrating these spring bulbs. That’s the thrill of gardening — the plants themselves do the work. Their growth seems effortless and their beauty becomes a simple, tiny miracle.

I am also a bit awed that planting bulbs actually worked so well. I was certain, last fall, that the squirrells would eat all my bulbs and when I saw a few bulbs poking out of the soil in February, I was then sure they would freeze and be killed before spring.

Of course, all this beauty is ephemeral. To try and make the most of these tulips while they last, I cut a few stems (from a different spot) this morning to bring inside. And they make me smile with how very alive they are, opening in warmth of the morning sun. The time for tulips is short, but thrilling nonetheless.